Our vision, mission, values, and aims

Our vision is for a vibrant, strong, and progressive club that thrives on providing enjoyable tennis playing for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Our mission is the continued improvement of our facilities and programs while building on an already established foundation as a centre that can meet the needs and aspirations of our community.

Our values are:

  • To be welcoming to all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.
  • To provide an atmosphere of positive encouragement to all those waiting to play tennis.
  • To have a progressive and contemporary approach to promoting tennis and Okotoks Tennis Centre.
  • Continuous improvement of the Centre and its facilities.
  • Transparency in our communication and administration of the Centre.

Our aims are:

  • To contribute to the health, vitality, and economy of Okotoks and the surrounding area by raising the profile of tennis and making the sport more readily accessible to our local community.
  • To provide a welcoming, safe, responsible, and relaxing atmosphere for Centre members and visitors.
  • To encourage more people, especially youth, to play tennis and contribute to the well being of the Centre.
  • To facilitate opportunities for people to develop their tennis playing abilities and to progress in the sport.
  • To main and enhance the quality of tennis playing facilities and its environs, and to keep under review short and longer term development opportunities.